Sunday, October 28, 2007

'Orwell! thou shouldst,' redux

A new blog titled Kafir Canada has put up a graphic on the specious "Islam is Peace" campaign in Britain that's worth a thousand words:

Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna opines that this one should go viral. Roger that!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A prideful admission of thuggery

Gates of Vienna has posted a link to a Danish blog that has translated an admission on an anarchist site to the beat-down described in the foregoing post. The relevant text is worth quoting here:

"Lately there has been a tendency that people believe everything that they read on Nazi-pages, latest SIAD’s lie that knives were used against them last Sunday. Anders Gravers, his wife and their wannabe-bodyguards got their well deserved (and plentiful) beatings, but naturally knives weren’t used! Don’t believe everything that you read on the net, especially not when it is on Nazi-pages!!"

The irony of these vermin calumniating sites that have reported on their thuggery as "Nazi-pages" is rather breathtaking, given that their attitude and tactics exactly replicate those of Ernst Roehm's SA goons during the Nazi party's rise to power. (Roehm and his lieutenants, of course, received a condign comeuppance in the "Blood Purge" of 1934.)

It is a huge pity to see this kind of leftist goon-squad activity emerging in Denmark, a fine little country of which I have fond memories after a visit there in 2000. I very much hope the thing won't raise its ugly head on this side of the Atlantic, but given the vitriol one commonly sees on not just the fringe but the mainstream American left, I hope without hope in my heart.

Friday, October 26, 2007

A shout-down and a beat-down

On American college campuses, this has been “Islamofascism Awareness Week” – and throughout it, Muslim activists and their hard-left allies have reacted rabidly, even going the length of shouting down the event’s organizer David Horowitz at Emory University in Altanta Wednesday. In a column this week, the much-maligned Ann Coulter nailed it: “If liberals want to face real fascism,” she wrote the next day, they should “try showing up on a college campus and denouncing fascism.”

But in Europe things have gone even further, as the Web site of Stop the Islamisation of Europe reports. On Oct. 21, a goon squad of so-called “autonomists” set upon demonstrators from the Danish chapter of the group in Copenhagen with blunt-force and edged weapons – and drew blood:

That this heinous assault was evidently the work of leftist anarchists rather than Muslims brings to mind a line from a recent review of a book on slave ships, to the effect that "any totalitarian system enlists a lower layer to control those at the very bottom." It seems clear that there is a convergence of interests between leftist radicals and Muslim supremacists, such that the latter will be happy to utilize the former as enforcers. The rabid hard-left reaction to Islamofascism Awareness Week is part and parcel of this.

For Europeans, few of whom have access to proper weaponry, a few practical notes are in order:

* If you elect to carry cutlery, when responding to an attack such as this go for a hand cut – and cut hard. A copiously bleeding hand will not only compromise the assailant's ability to press his attack but may demoralize him enough to end it.

* During the hours of darkness, some of the newer flashlights are bright enough to temporarily blind an attacker and give the operator a chance to get clear. My own choice is a SureFire 6P.

* Safety shoes designed for factory workers protect wearers' toes with caps of steel or even titanium. Such footgear has defensive potential as well. Be safe!

* Don't overlook the power of a shillelagh. A stout length of blackthorn has served many an Irishman well over the centuries, and I carry the same on my nocturnal strolls. (I also carry two switchblades and a pistol, but then I live in the American West.)

I wish the defiant Europeans all success in their resistance to the creeping Islamization to which their wretched governments seem determined to deliver them. (See Bat Ye’or’s “Eurabia” for the squalid history of this process.) And to militant Muslims and their leftist lickspittles in America, a caveat:

That shit won’t flush on this side of the pond.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Candor from Qaradawi

The Gulf Times of Qatar has a most revealing story about Muslim TV preacher Yusef Al-Qaradawi’s exhortation to the faithful to fight the U.S. in the event that it attacks Iran:


“In an interview with the IslamOnline radio on Thursday, Qaradawi stressed that all Muslims have the duty of launching jihad (holy war) against any enemy attacking a Muslim country.”

Hey! “Holy war?” Doesn’t “jihad” really mean an inner spiritual struggle to make oneself a better person?

“Iran is a Muslim country which all Muslims should defend while the US is an enemy of Islam that has already declared war on Islam under the disguise of war on terrorism and provides Israel with unlimited support.”

Hey! “... the U.S. is an enemy of Islam?” “... that has already declared war on Islam?” Isn’t Qaradawi a Muslim “reformist”? Didn’t Georgetown University's John Esposito say so?

Guess I must be missing something.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Muhammad's his bitch

Not content with having enraged Muslim supremacists with his "Muhammad as a traffic-circle dog" sketches, Swedish artist Lars Vilks has acquired a real live pooch - a female, no less - for protection, and named her "Muhammad."

So now Vilks has not just insulted "the Prophet," he has actually made Muhammad his bitch! Could any riposte to Islamic ire be more condign?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An MSM exhortation to cowardice

CNN has a story this morning on Swedish artist and rondellhund provocateur Lars Vilks, in which reporter Paula Newton opines that “... one could argue Vilks should have known better because of what happened in Denmark in 2005, when a cartoonist's depictions of the prophet sparked violent protests in the Muslim world and prompted death threats against that cartoonist's life” (Hat tip: LGF.

CNN, of course, did “know better” during the Motoon furor. As I wrote in the Feb. 12, 2006 East Valley Tribune, “The response by the American news media to this fundamental challenge has been anything but encouraging. CNN, in every story covering it, has included the line, ‘CNN has chosen not to show the cartoons out of respect for Islam.’ The network showed no such respect for Christianity on March 27, 2000, however, when it showed British artist Chris Ofili’s painting “The Holy Virgin Mary,” which incorporated elephant dung and images of female genitalia, in a story about a Brooklyn museum’s dispute with new York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Giuliani had complained that the artwork desecrated a figure sacred to millions of Catholics.”

Yes, Vilks should have been intimidated into self-censorship, just as the oh-so-principled CNN was. It was just this kind of thing that prompted my resignation from my MSM job during the Motoon affair. I’ve often wondered if I was right to do so. Incidents such as this indicate that I was.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Orwell! thou should'st be living at this hour

An invidious "Islam is Peace" propaganda campaign
is being waged in England through signs on the very buses targeted by jihad terrorists in London two years ago (hat tip: JihadWatch):

This is straight out of "1984." The Beeb has a story on it, the last sentence of which notes that "The campaign is launched as a new law banning incitement to religious hatred comes into force." We shall see if certain Islamic materials that incite to religious hatred are to be banned -- specifically, the Qur'an, with its dozens of verses such as 9:29, which enjoins Muslims to fight the People of the Book (Christians and Jews) until they "feel themselves subdued" and 9:123, which exhorts them to "fight the unbelievers who are near to you, and let them find in you a harshness."

In view of the extent to which British officialdom has declined into dhimmitude, I'm not to going to hold my breath waiting.