Thursday, September 4, 2008

Securing whom, from what?

At FrontPage this morning, the indefatigable Robert Spencer comments on a New York Daily News report that Gotham's police department is beefing up security around Muslim mosques during the upcoming Islamic holy month of Ramadan. After noting the preponderant influence of the Saudi Arabian Wahhabi strain of Islam over American mosques and the malign propaganda exuded by them, Spencer points up the irony of the fact that NYPD's effort is not directed at protecting New Yorkers from their baleful activities but rather at protecting the mosques themselves. "The mosques are well protected," he observes, "but how well protected are the potential victims of the jihadists who may be inside those mosques?"

That is a damn good question, in view of the traditional Muslim view that Ramadan is a time of victory and conquest. Nor is New York the only place where infidel tax dollars are being spent on Muslim security. Last year the Council on American-Islamic Relations (note the compound modifier denoting two separate and distinct entities: America and the Umma al-Islamiya) posted an "action alert" calling upon "American mosques and other Islamic institutions" to apply for Department of Homeland Security grants "to receive training and to purchase equipment such as video cameras, alarm systems and other security enhancements," with an eye toward "target-hardening." This, through a $24 million DHS program intended to protect "organizations who are deemed high-risk for a potential international terrorist attack."

American taxpayers may be forgiven for wondering which "international terrorists" are the least bit likely to attack Muslim mosques in the U.S. -- and why, if said "targets" are in need of "hardening," they have to pay for it instead of the cash-flush Saudis whose petroboodle built the things in the first place.

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