Saturday, April 5, 2008

A sinister signal

This item is a little old -- it's dated March 14 -- but is still of interest. It's an "interview" on a State Dept. Web site with Ambassador Frank G. Wisner, U.S. special envoy for Kosovo, concerning the independence of that Serbian province, that makes clear that the Bush administration's support for the same is a way to make nice with the Muslim world. Excerpt:

"... I believe that for most of the Muslim world, it’s very important that one looks at a matter of justice. What is right: a people sought to practice its faith, the country is largely Muslim, inside a European context. To make certain that happens is in the interest of the entire world, notably in the Muslim world.

"To be able to secure a Muslim-majority state inside the European whole is a terrific signal that the Muslim world and the non-Muslim word can live side by side in peace and cooperation, one with the other." (Emphasis mine.)

Never mind what "a Muslim-majority state inside the European whole" -- to wit, the Ottoman Empire -- has meant historically: the cruel subjugation of non-Muslim "dhimmi" populations, as per the Qur'anic mandate (in verse 9:29) that they be fought until they "feel themselves subdued." And as to "matters of justice," what about the Orthodox Christians of Kosovo, whose shrines and monasteries (such as the one above, guarded by an Italian tank) are under constant Muslim threat, even under KFOR occupation? What kind of "signal" does this send to them?

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