Saturday, October 27, 2007

A prideful admission of thuggery

Gates of Vienna has posted a link to a Danish blog that has translated an admission on an anarchist site to the beat-down described in the foregoing post. The relevant text is worth quoting here:

"Lately there has been a tendency that people believe everything that they read on Nazi-pages, latest SIAD’s lie that knives were used against them last Sunday. Anders Gravers, his wife and their wannabe-bodyguards got their well deserved (and plentiful) beatings, but naturally knives weren’t used! Don’t believe everything that you read on the net, especially not when it is on Nazi-pages!!"

The irony of these vermin calumniating sites that have reported on their thuggery as "Nazi-pages" is rather breathtaking, given that their attitude and tactics exactly replicate those of Ernst Roehm's SA goons during the Nazi party's rise to power. (Roehm and his lieutenants, of course, received a condign comeuppance in the "Blood Purge" of 1934.)

It is a huge pity to see this kind of leftist goon-squad activity emerging in Denmark, a fine little country of which I have fond memories after a visit there in 2000. I very much hope the thing won't raise its ugly head on this side of the Atlantic, but given the vitriol one commonly sees on not just the fringe but the mainstream American left, I hope without hope in my heart.

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